Did you know Martin Delany is the father of “Black Nationalism?” Black nationalism emphasizes independence from White (or non-Black) society. Black Nationalists are racially proud people who believe that Blacks across the globe should unite & collaborate their resources so they can develop their own social, political, and economical systems. Black Nationalists want to conduct business with Western countries & other societies’, but NOT work for or be dependents on nonblack businesses.

Delany was a writer and physician who earned his M.D. from Harvard University. He served in the Civil War, and became active in abolitionist activities, including leading the Vigilance Committee that helped relocate fugitive slaves, helping to form the Young Men’s Literary and Moral Reform Society, and joining the integrated militia to help defend the black community against white mob attacks.

Because of all the racial violence in America, Delany was a separatist who argued that blacks could not prosper socially, politically, and economically in America due to racism; hence, be believed blacks should return back to Africa and establish their own government systems, social programs, educational systems, schools, and other businesses and organizations designed to make the African diaspora powerful. Delany inspired other black nationalists such as Marcus Garvey to organize the “Back to Africa Movement” during the 19th century